Create Your Cutting Edge Firm ™ with the FA Trusted Advisor Business Model

Our Community includes tons of progressive, motivated member firms all aspiring to a shared vision.

The Membership Organization

Trusted Advisor gives you clarity and a proven path to success.

Leading a Cutting Edge Firm™ is about doing the demanding wok of creating clarity and simplicity in your business model. Your Trusted Advisor membership will help you achieve ultimate success in doing the right things to grab ahold of your business and get the results you want:

Casting Your Firm Foundation

Offering the right products and services

Implementing efficient tools and processes

Creating a progressive environment

Delivering the cutting edge experience

Winning Ideal Clients

How Our Program Works

Trusted Advisor is a community of Accounting Professionals. In our community we have education where you can learn and implement on your own using our proven cutting edge techniques.

In our community you can get your own practice management software license. But for the professionals that are ready to act now, we have our exclusive proprietary system Your Back Office combined with our coaching program with our Community Advisors.

Finally, for the owners who want to be in a world class network and leapfrog the industry, we have our Platinum Mastermind group. We realize that there are different needs for each practice and each member has different resources to implement our systems. We have everything you need to do it yourself or we can help you to do it!

Do It Yourself 

For owners that are only missing the roadmap to success, we have the courses and programs to give you every resource to grow and scale a cutting edge firm yourself. In our program, you will get everything you need to have a modern firm and be cutting edge. You will learn:

  • High Value Engagements Starts with Your Value Proposition
  • How to Leverage Your time with a virtual back office and cloud based technology
  • Kill the hourly model: How to transform your value based billing model
  • Niche Down to Scale Up: The True Secret to Your 7 Figure PracticeExpand Your Reach with Effective Prospecting and Digital Automation

Our core education program is called ‘Practice Accelerator’.

What’s in Practice Accelerator

  • Complete 12-week Practice Accelerator
  • All the tools to develop the winning strategy
  • Every resource to execute on growing and scaling Your Firm
  • Comprehensive Predictable Prospecting System
  • Proven proprietary turnkey Marketing Program
  • Complete Team Hiring and Training Program
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group
  • Our Exclusive Consultation Sales Script
  • Appointment Creator Automation
  • Access to our coaching programs
  • Access to all of our Live Events
  • Unlimited Access to our Advisors

Practice Management

A cutting edge firm needs to have the tools and resources to deliver its service profitably. The backbone of our firm is built on our practice management tool Your Back Office. As part of our Trusted Advisor program you can now get a firm license to Your Back Office to manage your firm.  Your license to Your Back Office Includes:

Your Back Office Includes

  • An annual license for every member of the firm
  • A complete Prospecting to Proposal tool
  • Onboarding Client System
  • Team Tracker
  • Team Training Center
  • Firm Reporting
  • Firm KPIs
  • Client Management System
  • CFO Toolkit
  • And much more…

Coaching Program

  • We know that to really change the way you are doing things, it requires to have the system, coach and accountability to succeed and grow and scale a cutting edge firm.
  • Our coaching program is designed around our core system Your Back Office which powers our firm and offers you everything you need to manage and power your practice too!
  • As part of our coaching program, you will be assigned a Community Advisors and having a coaching schedule designed to help you implement every part of our program into your firm.

Our coaching Program includes:

  • An Annual license to Your Back Office
  • An Exclusive Community Advisor assigned to Your Firm
  • All of our Proprietary Systems
  • A full training and coaching program
  • Discounted Access to our Platinum Group
  • Exclusive Access to Our Lead Generation Program
  • 2 Tickets to Our Annual Event: Strategy and Execution

Platinum Group

Our highest level program is our Platinum Group. This is an exclusive mastermind group that meets with other cutting edge firm owners. We are your Board of Advisors.  Here you will get access to cutting edge secrets and a world class network of the most respected Trusted Advisors in the country.

Your membership to our tribe includes:

  • 3 – 2 day closed door meetings of cutting edge firm owners
  • An all access license to Your back Office
  • Inclusion in our proprietary coaching program
  • Access to all of our live events
  • License to Practice Accelerator
  • Licenses to all team training programs
  • 4 passes to our annual event: Strategy and Execution

Our Annual Event

Once a year we have an annual event called Strategy and Execution. Our event is built for Accounting Professionals to bring together world class speakers and leaders to help lead and grow our industry. This event is designed to give you every strategy to grow and scale your firm and also every resource to execution on your plan.

Our event is held in Cleveland in September. Our next conference is September 16-18, 2019.

Online Community

We are making the world and our network seem much smaller with our exclusive closed group in Facebook, called Trusted Advisor. Stay connected for the latest ideas and techniques for your firm. You can access the group here.

Products we support

Here are some of the products we help out member firms implement:

Trusted Advisor is a game-changer for Accounting Professionals

  • Work less by working smarter and love what you do again.
  • Experience professional freedom by untrapping yourself from traditional thinking.
  • Gain the rewards of better clients, more profits and a more valuable firm.

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