Trusted Advisor Mastermind

Are You Looking for a Community of Like-Minded Accounting Professionals?

The TA Mastermind is a network of Cutting-Edge firm owners from around the country developing and thriving at the growth and scale of the modern firm.

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If You’re a Financial Expert looking to generate ideas and proactive practices to propel forward in your industry… You Won’t Want to Miss Out.

Our Trusted Advisor Mastermind is a gathering of forward-thinking financial experts, filled with Keynote Speakers, Energetic breakout sessions and a chance to reconnect with the Trusted Advisor community.

At each Mastermind you’ll get the latest in Technology, Strategy, and Best Practices.

This is where our passion and proactive thinking intersects with motivated firm owners and staff, creating a powerful, inspiring experience to energize your firm and keep you moving forward.

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