The Membership Organization

Trusted Advisor is a coaching and education solution designed for Accounting Professionals. Our mission is to help practice owners grow and scale a highly profitable cutting edge 7 figure practice. It’s a journey that will take your firm on a proven path to creative renewal, building businesses that support the lives they desire.


The Accounting Practice

Fully Accountable is the back office behind Trusted Advisor. It serves as a solution for business owners so they can focus on their business, while we focus on the numbers. Fully Accountable has become influential in the development and integration of new solutions and products, and continues to provide the best services for clients always.

Our Team

Team Photo - Vinnie Fisher

Vinnie Fisher

Chief Executive Officer

Team Photo - Rachel Scava

Rachel Scava

Chief Operating Officer

Team Photo - Chris Giorgio

Chris Giorgio


Team Photo - Corey Niggel

Corey Niggel

Chief Financial Officer

Team Photo - Christian Ball

Christian Ball

Data Director

Team Photo - Travis Loudin

Travis Loudin

Lead Web Developer

Team Photo - Sandy Talbert

Sandy Talbert

Onboarding Accountant

Team Photo - Kevin Phillips

Kevin Phillips

Chief Financial Officer

Team Photo - Emily Posello

Emily Posello

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Mollie Farragher

Mollie Farragher

Executive Project Manager

Team Photo -

Clay Kozlowski

Financial Data Analyst

Team Photo - Ken Rohr

Ken Rohr

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Leah Holsclaw

Leah Holsclaw

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills

Staff Accountant

Team Photo -

Lisa Leffler

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Mary Ponder

Mary Ponder

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Richie Holben

Richie Holben

Accounting Clerk

Team Photo - Spencer Dykes

Spencer Dykes

Financial Data Analyst

Team Photo - Chad Garrison

Chad Garrison

Director of Sales

Team Photo - Jordan Mascaro

Jordan Mascaro

Marketing Project Manager

Team Photo - Sheena Hershey

Sheena Hershey

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Kelli Deroy

Kelli DeRoy

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Larry Reeves

Larry Reeves

Business Development

Team Photo - Amy Stanley

Amy Stanley

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Julie Godwin

Julie Godwin

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Heidi Cake

Heidi Cake

Financial Data Analyst

Team Photo - Kristy Meyer

Kristy Meyer

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Scott Lougee

Scott Lougee

Business Development

Team Photo - Danielle Novak

Danielle Novak

Staff Accountant

Team Photo - Alexus Ivan

Alexus Ivan

Data Analyst

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