Choose a better way to run your accounting firm.

Empower your accounting firm with a Cutting-Edge Business Model!

What We Do

We transform Accounting Professionals into Trusted Advisors!

Proven Business Model

We built the framework to capture the needs of the modern era. Trusted Advisor is designed to help you grow and scale your business all while excelling in the new era of accounting. The Trusted Advisor Model helps you win back your time, freedom, and creativity, giving you space to strengthen client relationships.

A Clear Road Map

Trusted Advisor will help you minimize and remove the roadblocks between you and your career goals. Teaching you how to provide value for your customers, while providing a step-by-step guide to help you seamlessly grow and scale your business. Your Back Office Solution™ is an innovative, user-friendly software that allows you to manage your practice and meet your client’s needs.

Help Along Your Journey

The Trusted Advisor staff and program provide you with the information, solution and support you need to transform your firm.  An extensive list of resources, around the clock coaching and invitation to our Live Events will empower and inspire you to better your impact. Being a part of a community that shares the same goals and want success for you as much as they want it for themselves is the best thing you can do for your business.

How We Do It

Our Products and Services that help you become the Trusted Advisor

Platinum Group

An assembly of other Trusted Advisors that generate ideas and practices used to launch the industry forward. Learn More

Strategy and Execution Conference

A gathering of forward-thinking business professionals, filled with Keynote Speakers, Energetic breakout sessions and a chance to reconnect with the Trusted Advisor community.

Practice Accelerator

Our Educational Platform built step-by-step to help you excel in the modern era of accounting.

Your Back Office

Our practice management solution allows you:

  • To manage your firm with reporting, KPIs and client activity
  • Our proprietary prospect, proposal and onboarding system
  • Team Tracker and Training System
  • CFO Toolkit
  • Proprietary Coaching Program

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November 15th | in Fairlawn, Ohio
2019 Small Intensive Dates:
  • February 7th
  • April 24th

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Benefits of Our Community

Like-Minded Business Professionals that help you adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing business world.

Live-Inspired, Get Innovative

The Trusted Advisor community is a forward-thinking group of accounting professionals that are taking advantage of the Digital Era. The entrepreneurial spirit of the group will rub off on you as your perspective of what accounting is shifts.

Behind the Scenes Support, Up-Front Results

Trusted Advisor and it’s advisors will support, coach and guide you as you achieve your business goals and transform your practice.

Win Great Clients, Increase your Value

The Trusted Advisor Model helps you Niche Down your Clients and Scale Up your Profits. Not only does this produce increasing margins, but also lightens the workload allowing you to focus more on providing your clients the value they want, and need.

Member Success Stories

  • I didn’t want to sit there and do the mundane tasks of the bookkeeping and, I didn’t want to task it to anyone in the office because we like to keep it really lean here. So it was very fortuitous that we came across Fully Accountable to be able to have all the services of a CFO from a virtual standpoint.

    Sal Buscemi
    Sal Buscemi
  • The main problem that led us to Fully Accountable was not having any robust accounting and reporting systems. We were having the accounting done at the end of the year by our CPA. Then we’d get hit with a big tax bill we weren’t ready for. It wasn’t until we connected with Fully Accountable that we had intelligence applied to our financial systems.

    Djamel Bettahar
    Djamel Bettahar Organifi
  • Working with Fully Accountable has increased our revenue mainly because of the efforts of Chris and his insight. Having somebody with that true knowledge of our industry, he has gone over and beyond what we expected to help us out.

    PJ Lennon
    PJ Lennon Pura Thrive

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