Create Your Cutting Edge Firm ™ with the FA Trusted Advisor Business Model

Our Community includes tons of progressive, motivated member firms all aspiring to a shared vision.

The Membership Organization

Trusted Advisor gives you clarity and a proven path to success.

Leading a Cutting Edge Firm™ is about doing the demanding wok of creating clarity and simplicity in your business model. Trusted Advisor membership will help you achieve ultimate success in doing the right things to grab ahold of your business and get the results you want:

Casting Your Firm Foundation

Offering the right products and services

Implementing efficient tools and processes

Creating a progressive environment

Delivering the cutting edge experience

Winning Ideal Clients

We help you make the journey with these key aspects of membership:


  • 12-week training program to educate yourself on how to grow and scale a 7-figure firm.
  • Monthly digital coaching program

You don’t have to do it alone – our education team is here to help you find your way with coaching, online staff training and an entire digital library of helpful resources that get right to the point.

Your Back Office ™ Solution

  • Manage your practice and cutting edge services on accounting and finance.
  • Provide proactive and forward thinking with our new age reporting

Your day-to-day success in your practice begins with our on-of-a-kind solution. It’s where you can manage your practice and help give your clients what they want.


  • TA Masterminds happen three times a year. The latest in Technology, Strategy, and Best Practices.
  • FA Trusted Advisor Annual Event. Peers meet, and community comes alive.

Trusted Advisor events are where our passion and proactive thinking intersects with motivated firm owners and staff, creating a powerful, inspiring experience to energize your firm and keep you moving forward.

A Working Accounting Firm at the Heart of it All

What lies in the Back Office

One of the most important aspect of Trusted Advisor membership is what lies backstage: A back office solution, Fully Accountable. Founded by our CEO, Vinnie Fisher and CFO, Chris Giorgio. The firm always strives to adapt to changes in technology and client demands. Fully Accountable serves as a support system for the business and technology framework for The Cutting Edge Firm™.

We do the heavy lifting

Our staff does the work of implementing, testing and evaluating technology solutions available to accounting firms today. We do the heavy lifting to save you the risk associated with adopting new solutions. We help you reduce friction in their integration into a proactive, forward thinking business model, and we support you with resources to train your staff.

Products we support

Here are some of the products we help out member firms implement:

Trusted Advisor is a game-changer for Accounting Professionals

  • Work less by working smarter and love what you do again.
  • Experience professional freedom by untrapping yourself from traditional thinking.
  • Gain the rewards of better clients, more profits and a more valuable firm.

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